Rose Water

For time immemorial, Rose has stood as the epitome of beauty for one and all. Rose oil, for one, is well-known for its relaxing and massaging properties. Adding a drop or two in face packs, massages and bathing water is known to provide a luxurious, relaxing and soothing experience. This particular oil is used in lotions, powders, creams and many cosmetics. The source of these oils is the rose flower and is extracted from rose petals.

Rose water, on the other hand, is used for refreshing the skin and giving it softness, with a rose-like glow. Due to its romantic and pleasant smell, it is in high demand throughout the world.

As the saying goes – ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’. We may have entered the 21st century, but our beauty needs essentially remain the same. The woman of today actively seeks & demands the best for her looks, and is embracing nature all over again. Women increasingly are demanding cold creams and lotions that not only moisturize and rehydrate the skin but also give a rosy glow to the skin. Most skincare products just fulfill the first need of moisturizing the skin but leave a dull and greasy feel on the skin.

Understanding this beauty need, Dabur – with its old 120 years of Ayurvedic and herbal heritage -- has introduced the same goodness of rose in a range of beauty products that are designed to meet the evolving beauty needs of the modern woman. A glowing skin imparts self-confidence, personality, self-assurance and is a reflection of inner beauty.

The benefits of Rose was first introduced in a beauty product by Dabur India in the form of Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. Dabur Gulabari encapsulates the essence of roses and derives its equity from ‘Rose’. Its benefit on the skin care usage is reflected in the brand proposition -- "Gulabi chehre ka raaz. Pani Nahin, Dabur Gulabari."… Replace water with Dabur Gulabari in your daily skin care regimen to get a rose-like glow.

Dabur Gulabari’s benefits for skin care are endless. You can replace water with Dabur Gulabari in your skin care regimen, because

  • It cleanses
  • It moisturizes your skin, and is good for sensitive skin
  • It is a natural skin toner
  • It refreshes and cools
  • It rejuvenates after a stressful day

No other brand today owns the Rose Proposition, offering Dabur Gulabari the first mover advantage in this segment.