Benefits Of Honey For Cold

Common cold is a viral disease of respiratory tracts and it mainly affects the nose along with throat and sinus. The signs and symptoms of common cold include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, headache and fever. It is not harmful but can take 7 to 10 days to cure. Every Indian household has been trusting home remedies for cold especially remedies for cold with honey. Indians use many various kinds of home remedies because they don’t have any side effects but the most common remedy is honey for cold. Who said you can only use honey for Weight management*?

Using Honey for Cold

Why to Use Honey for Cold?

Honey supposedly contains antioxidants, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which help us fight against common cold and its symptoms. Honey and cold have been associated together because honey helps in relaxing the sore or scratchy throat naturally. Also honey for cold boosts the immune system, which helps us recover faster and helps reduce the chances of common cold in future. Hence remedies for cold with honey are so prevalent.

How to Use Honey for Cold and Flu?

Cold remedies with honey
  1. Honey:

    Regularly consuming honey for cold can help treat common cold as well as other health problems. Consume one or two tablespoon of honey for cold as soon you spot some symptoms and you’ll be amazed by how wonderfully the various benefits of honey work.

  2. Honey and raw onions

    A mixture of raw onions and honey for cold and flu, have also proved to help a lot. First, just cut a whole onion, preferably a red one into slices. Then coat the onion slices with honey and a bit of sugar. Soak this mixture of honey and onion overnight and consume a spoon of it early in the morning.

  3. Honey with warm water

    Take a glass of warm water, add one teaspoonful of honey. Consume this mixture of honey for cold and flu every morning it will help soothe your throat irritation.

  4. Honey with Lemon Tea

    Looking for fun remedies for cold with honey? Here is one for you. Consuming this mixture everyday isn’t just a good way to beat the cold and flu but it’s also a fun way. To consume this, combine 2 tablespoon of honey with 1 spoon of lemon juice. Add enough of hot water so the mug gets filled till top. Stir the mixture vigorously and once it’s properly mixed. Just sit back and enjoy it while you watch TV or read a newspaper.

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The benefits of Honey are innumerable as it not only helps in weight management* but also in many other things as well. For example, if you are suffering from cold and cough, mix some ginger and honey and consume the mixture daily. The mixture will act as an antioxidant and will cure your illness naturally.

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