Can You Treat Burns Using Honey?

Among the natural biological products, honey is the most beneficial since ancient times when it comes to nutritional and beneficial purposes. Although the anti-bacterial properties of honey is known to everyone, but, we somehow forget to use it at the time of accidents and go for conventional medicines which has many side effects. Honey is an effective home remedy for curing many diseases. Most of us have honey at our place lying around in the corner but are not aware of its medicinal properties, we just know it is a tasty thing. It is much more than being a taste enhancer. Did you know that honey can be used to cure burns?

Using Honey on Burns

Why Use Honey for Burns?

The benefits of honey are many. Well, don’t be surprised, burns is one of the zillion things that honey can cure. Many research projects on honey have found that the antimicrobial property of honey have the capabilities to cure severe wounds. Treating burns with honey can give you instant relief from the excruciating pain. Honey is the powerhouse of nutrients that work together with all their force and heals the burns. Honey to treat burns is the most effective and economical way. Other medicines like burning creams are not only expensive, but can also put you through excruciating pain for days. Next time if oil splatters on your hand while cooking make sure to apply honey on burns, it will provide you with instant relief that no other medical creams can provide you with. You’ll be wondering what is in honey that gives it such great healing qualities – its antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. The application of honey on burns can evacuate the immense pain in no more than five minutes.

How to Use Honey for Burns?

Treating Burns with Honey

You should use honey to cover the whole burned area and also outside the burned area, undamaged tissue. You shouldn’t apply honey stingily. Apply a descent thick layer of honey over the burned area. Wherever the burn is, try having the honey for about ¼ inch thick. If possible try using Manuka Honey which has more anti-oxidants and other nutrients but it is difficult to find. It is absolutely okay if you are unable to find Manuka honey, buy Dabur honey which is an equally good cure in the case of honey for burns. Then, spread the honey everywhere around the wound, even to the remote area of the burns. Once the spreading is done take a clean bandage and cover the burned area completely. In a few days your burns along with the pain will fade away. Treating burns with honey is far better than treating it with silver. The anti-bacterial properties heal burns faster than silver, the popular dressing used in case of healing burns. Honey does not have any side effects whereas silver has a lot of toxic effects on the skin. Thus, make honey your first preference.

Warning: For more severe burns, consult your doctor immediately as this requires more attention.

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The benefits of Honey are innumerable as it not only helps in weight management* but also in many other things as well. For example, if you are suffering from cold and cough, mix some ginger and honey and consume the mixture daily. The mixture will act as an antioxidant and will cure your illness naturally.

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Can You Treat Burns Using Honey?

Among the natural biological products, honey is the most beneficial since ancient times when it comes to nutritional and beneficial purposes.

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