About Dazzl

Dazzl is India's first disinfectant floor cleaner with Dirt Trap technology...


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Get mirror-like shine for your floors with Dazzl, India's first disinfectant floor cleaner. Its Dirt Trap technology helps the mop pick up twice as much dirt from the floor as compared to ordinary floor cleaners. That means, Dazzl gives sparkling floors while killing 99.9% germs. Dazzl is available in 3 exciting fragrances – Floral, Lemon and Pine.

                                                                 Dazzl has another unique property 
                                                                    which aids in superior cleaning

                                                                             Dirt from the mop is trapped 
                                                                                to the bottom of the bucket, 
                                                                                    thus giving clean water 
                                                                                    for mopping. This happens
                                                                                  when the mop is agitated 
                                                                               in the water!

                                                                        Dazzl is also available in 
                                                                      Glass Cleaner & Silver Cleaner