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Real Cranberry Nectar is prepared from the best quality Cranberries to ensure consistent quality around the year. Cranberries are very rich in Vitamin C and pectin.

Cranberry juice is recommended for helping to combat or prevent urinary tract infections.
 approximate values
  Energy 63.2 Kcal
  Protein NMT 0.03 g
  Fat Negligible
  Carbohydrates NLT 16 g
  Sodium 39 mg
  Potassium 10 mg
  Calcium 17 mg
  Iron 1.4 mg
Contains added Flavour.
No added colour and Preservative.
Ingredients: Water, Sugar,
Cranberry Juice concentrate,
Deionised Apple & Blackcurrant
Juice concentrate, Citric Acid and
Vitamin C.
Storage Tips
Refrigerate after opening and
consume within 5 days

Available in Tetra Pack Suggested Usage of Cranberry Nectar
1 Liter Pack    
Can be used in making: