Presenting Dabur Hommade Bhuna Masala, a ready, fried mix of Onion, Tomatoes, Ginger and Garlic in Refined oil to take the hassle out of your cooking and reduce your cooking time to half.

This is a fried paste, and so need not be cooked. Also, it has oil so you do not even need not add oil. Salt has been added in minimal quantity in Bhuna Masala, so add only if required. No added spices: add as per taste.


Our USP:

Oil, Onions and Tomatoes are added in 3 steps like it's done at Home. This gives a special taste and flavour to the product


Comes in 2 variants:
  • With Ginger Garlic
  • Without Ginger Garlic (because Garlic and Ginger are not used in a lot of Indian recipes like Dal, Mixed veg)
How it Helps you?
  • Approximately 50% of time in cooking goes in preparation.
  • When time is a constraint, this part of cooking is most easily handed out.
  • Hence, Dabur Hommade Bhuna Masala takes the hassle out of cooking & reduces cooking time to half

3-Step frying process:

  • First, onions are fried until Brown.
  • Ginger and Garlic are added and brought to required consistency.
  • Then, thick tomato paste is added.